Helpful Tips for Mom by Marita Cooper (Excerpt Taken from Scrambled Hormones by Monica Cane)

Excerpt Taken from Scrambled Hormones: 60-Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters

Helpful Tips for Mom 

By Marriage & Family Coach Marita Cooper

  1.  Educate yourself spiritually:  The Holy Bible has many spiritual principles regarding relationships.
  1.  Educate yourself on the subject:  Explore helpful resources regarding mother/daughter struggles during teen years.
  1.  Pray with your whole heart: Ask God for guidance and direction through talking and listening prayers.
  1.  Care for yourself: Connect with at least one positive person that will listen to you without judging.

5   Fellowship with others:  Overcome loneliness by socializing with others who will offer support.

  1.  Get moving and spend time with nature:  Join God’s creation and exercise to be refresh and regain your focus.
  1.  Be a safe person: Surround yourself with trustworthy safe people, as you also are being a safe person for health relationships.

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