My Daughter Is Free by Lisa Richadson  (Excerpt taken from Scrambled Hormones… by Monica Cane)

Excerpt taken from Scrambled Hormones:60-Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teenage Daughters by Monica Cane

As a mother of three—two girls and one boy—I had to deal with three different personalities. I knew this but did not know just how different these personalities would be.

My oldest is a girl. She was special to us because she was our first. I did and do adore her! She was my mini-me as well as my shadow. Where I went, she went. When I moved, she moved. We were inseparable. I loved it! However, she became very fearful of many things and people. I prayed continually for the Lord to take her fears away and to cause her to lean on Him.

One night there was a flood in our city. She was so fearful and couldn’t sleep. I came to her and prayed over her. I told her about the promise God gave us to never flood and destroy the earth again. I told her to remember that, and when she couldn’t sleep to say the name of Jesus over and over again. She developed this habit and applied it in every situation that brought fear to her. To this day she uses my advice and is relieved. My prayers were answered! My daughter is free from most fears, and when she does get fearful, she turns to God…her strength!

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