A Tear Drops Purpose


“Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his.” – Psalm 100:3

At times in our search for significance we may see ourselves as nothing more than a tear drop in a vast ocean.

Our vision can become blurred by circumstances causing us to lose sight of the fact that God has chosen to keep account of every tear drop and every soul in which it came from. In those unsettled moments we are unable to recognize that even tear drops in an ocean have their purpose.

Only a quieted spirit can comprehend that a single tear, dropped on fresh soil, has the ability to bring forth growth. Only a soul striving for peace can see that tears sown in love bring about healing and comfort like no other. To be sure, only in silence can we begin to understand the value and purpose of our tears and of our lives.

If we are but tears drop in the ocean, then we must know that the ocean itself has purpose and meaning with each tear drop in its self having great worth.

In your daily search for significance, should the idea of being a mere tear drop in a vast ocean overwhelm you, remember that you are God’s chosen masterpiece. Even as a single tear drop, you have value and meaning beyond measure. United, each tear drop becomes a significant part of a beautiful ocean called the family of God. And as such we must learn to live each day with passion and purpose as Creator intended.

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