Dare to Dream


“Each dream has a meaning of its own” – Genesis 40:5

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Those thoughts and ideas that seem beyond our reach yet fill our minds with possibilities. Do they just appear out of nowhere? Are they a product of our imagination gone wild? Or do they have a purpose beyond our comprehension?

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Why are we afraid to share them aloud yet stay up late at night wondering— What if?

Sometimes our hearts are filled with many dreams, sometimes there’s only one. A notion, an idea, an inkling that won’t go away until we’re forced to ask ourselves, where did this dream of the heart come from?, video, widgets, etc…

Visions and images that seem impossible, far-fetched and odd. Yet when they persist, we find ourselves wondering if our secret hopes and dreams just might be from God.

The dream to write, to cook, to sing, the desire to garden, to sew, or build, could be the seed God has planted in your heart to use for His glory.

Each dream is different and has it’s own meaning but when it is from God it has a glorious, everlasting purpose. 

Why try and make sense of it all, none of us ever will. Instead, take the small dream seed and ask— Did You give me this dream? Ask Him, He’ll tell you. Then get ready! Through nurturing, caring and believing in the dream seed you’ve been given, the impossible will come to pass right before your eyes.

Where do dreams of the heart come from? Why they come from the Maker of all good dreams— God Himself, who is the one who plants the seeds of possibility in our hearts then whispers, My child, don’t be afraid. Dare to dream, dare to believe then watch Me work.

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