One Word…Enough

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The word “Enough”  can stir up various feelings.  Feelings of strength and resolve such as, That’s enough! I’m done!  Or feelings of vulnerability and weakness as in, I’ve had enough, I just can’t take any more.

Throughout my life I’ve felt both of those versions of “Enough” many times but as I get older, not so much in age but in my walk with God, I’ve come to a different understanding of the word.

God is enough: When circumstances arise, as they often do, that cause anxiety, worry, frustration, anger and so on verses like, Philippians 4:9, “God will meet all our needs,” ring true.  Regardless of any circumstance we may face, God is enough for all of it.

I am enough:  Everything from culture, society, peers, church, work family and friends have challenged me more than I would like to admit with a burning question, Am I enough?

I wasted much time thinking I wasn’t enough, that I needed to be more or do more  in order to be valuable in this world.  Eventually I found my way back to the very beginning—God’s creation and that settled the question once and for all.

Genesis 1:27,31, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created male and female…God saw all that he made and it was very good.”

Am I enough? Are you?   


Not because of what we do, or what we don’t, but because God created us and when he did, knowing everything good and bad that our life would entail, he still agreed his creation was very good.

God is enough. I am enough.

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