Monica Cane

Bio: Like many Christians, I wanted to be used by God but had no idea how I could best serve Him. Longing for ministry direction, I began with a simple prayer. "What should I do God?" The answer came swiftly. "Just Write!" And so I did! Since that time everything I have written from brief notes of encouragement, to newsletters, articles or books have all been written with the desire to honor God and share a breath of inspiration with others . I am constantly amazed at how God allows me to encourage others through writing despite my personal short-comings. Every time I think I should be better, wiser, kinder, more giving or caring before ministering to others, God reminds me, it's not about me--It's about His work in me and through me. Books By Monica Cane: * Scrambled Hormones: 60-Days of Encouragement for Moms Raising Teengage Daughters (devotion) * The Lost Coin (fiction) *CJ's Peace: The Prodigals Progress (fiction) A Breath of Inspiration (devotion) Fresh Inspiration (devotion) A Journey to Healing: Life After SIDS (non-fiction)

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